Saturday, September 29, 2007

Easy Like Saturday Morning

Update at 3:24 PM: I just found this article. Coincidence? I think no. Thank you, Lord. It is called "Keeping Close to Christ When I am Busy".

This has been a good week. I don't really feel like I have been to school. One day I woke up in flu land and then the next day I went to a music workshop. It was really good and gave me new ideas.

Something has been on my mind lately. Why are we so busy? I think of people everyday that need ministering to and I just think about what I have to do, and think how does it all fit in? How do I even take the time to find out what is going on in someone else's life when I am so busy with what is going on in my own life? This is something I want to find the answer to. It seems like all I see are deadlines. This is due now, this is due two weeks this is going to happen. I feel like I am in a wheel.

I guess it it something that you just have to expect in today's world. Life is fast. The thing that makes me think it is out of whack is that I struggle with how much time I get to spend with God. Not talking about just talking to Him throughout the day, but the good sit down study time. I guess I just need to make more choices about what I do. I think finding the balance is what I am needing.

Anyway, I know lots of people manage to do both so I will keep searching.

Jacob wants to go to Boy Scouts this morning. This would be so great for him. OK, here comes the this the one new thing we need to add to our lives? Maybe. Especially something like this that he is so excited about. Well, now they are saying that Benjamin doesn't want to so Jacob doesn't want to.

This makes me think of my dad. Jacob is so much like him. Not wanting to offend anyone. He puts everyone before himself. Our little neighbor was outside with Jacob just pitching to him over and over with Jacob never getting to hit. Matt and I had to step in and help our little guy out. It seems that the neighbor always starts the game and Jacob is supposed to get him out before he has a turn. Problem: the neighbor is incredibly good at hitting a ball. I mean, it is like a home-run every time. Although I am impressed with his ability, I don't want my sweet son to be a pitching machine. If he wanted to, that would be one thing, but not just because he wants to do what the other boy says. Or is just doesn't want conflict. That was so my dad. I miss him.

Saturday mornings are so great. It is cool outside and wonderful. We are going to have to just go somewhere. No matter what needs to be done in the house. Just go......

The grove? Avent Park? The lake....Benjamin did just get a new fishing pole for his birthday. Hmmmmm. I think we just need to re-learn what relaxing is.

That is when you can hear God's voice.....when you slow down and listen.

Have a great weekend!

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