Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ouch.....Cha- Ching

To go to the dentist or not to go to the dentist...that is the question. Should you take a chance and just try to brush...floss every once in a while. Pray. Or fork out the big bucks? Is it inevitable? Will it catch up with you sooner or later?

I guess I should just fess up and say that I have taken the approach of praying and trying to make sure everyone brushed, etc. I took Jacob to the dentist today, and his teeth looked pretty good except for the ginormous cavernous cavity in one of his teeth. Even with insurance....ouch.

He feels better, and that is what is important. He was such a trooper. I think he will maybe try a little harder when he brushes. Now I know that cleanings are free (with our insurance). I think you know where we will be every six months. You got the den tist'.

Closing is in a few hours. I am excited!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Closing's Postponed

Well, I hate to say it but the closing has been rescheduled for 4:30 so that the inspector can see if they fixed everything. The tub will have to wait, but it will be done soon.

I am glad. I was a little uncomfortable with closing with things the way they were.

Today was like a mad rush to catch a plane. All of the Stanford English Language Proficiency tests were due to our central office today. I thought they were due tomorrow. Another person actually gave the tests, but I was the one who was grading them. I just got the grading booklet Monday. :)

They got where they needed to go, and, I hope, they were correct. Gotta go run bath water.

My evaluation at Mary Reid School is Thursday. I am teaching a unit on the blues/ Ella Fitzgerald ....and scat singing. She is my favorite. One of my biggest influences. I love when kids hear her for the first time. I think it changes their lives. :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Yea, JWPepper was at my door

This weekend was kind of a blur. I prayed that the virus would not get me. While sitting watching a movie with the guys, I started to feel dizzy. Matt took care of me and by Sunday morning I was good.

We did the final walk-through on the house. We close Wed. Everything was looking great. There was only a small dent in the bathtub. I don't know if they were going to have to take it out and replace the whole thing. I bet they are ready to be done with us. It's only perfection that we want. Is that too much to ask?

I ordered music for choir and it was on my doorstep today. It is more Pop, etc. I am really excited about it. I think they will like it and will be good recruiting music. This will give us a chance to work on vocal jazz technique.

Candy sale is going ok. We have sold more than I thought we ever would. Thank you kids who bring money from home. I hope their parents know. I just say...."Go some fruit." (Nacho Libre) I hope I am not adding to someone's future eating problem. I think it is probably good that Mississippi is passing that law about fundraisers. Kids just love that candy, though.

Matt said something about us packing straight for the next three weeks. I think I may cry. I want to get rid of some serious junk. It hasn't hit me that we will be leaving this house in less than a month. I have loved this driveway, front yard, etc. I could have been so nice, and I hope someone who will be living in Holly Springs will buy it and love it. The $638 utility bill we got today is making it a lot easier for us to leave.

Take care.....

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Someone just made me remember singing with my girlie. Here is the link if anyone is interested. One of my favorite treasures. Gospel Train

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday night fever

It's Friday....It's Friday. There is a party going on here at the circus. There are camel rides, etc. If only the oven could heat faster so we could have our delicious fundraiser pizza.

I don't think mommy and daddy knew about the party. We are pooped from the week. Anyway, happy Friday. I've got to get to my drawing for the week for Illustration Friday. The word is "communication". I know I am such a novice, but this is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

Ok, I smell the oven. It's time. The party has been run off to the other rooms in the house. I will make pizza in peace. Only a little longer, and we will be watching Foyle's War and drinking hot cocoa. Ahhh......

My life's good....really good. We aren't going anywhere tomorrow. Is there a clean house in sight? Maybe......

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fundraiser Flames...and another plea

Fundraisers are driving me crazy. The kids have to sell two cases of candy bars to go to the big pizza party. We never do fundraisers so I let my mommy guilt get the best of me. I want to help out our school....but.

This has consumed me. How to get two cases per child sold. We have sold one for Claire and now one for Jacob. Benjamin hasn't gotten a case yet. The librarian told me I could leave a box for her to sell to the kids, so ...yea! Poor Benjamin has been sick and depressed about not being the winner. They had so wanted to sell thousands of bars and be the winner...and win the $100. I tried to prepare them that we were not going to go door-to-door for hours after school. They are still breaking my heart. We picked up the food that came in for Matthew's band fundraiser, and the girl scout from my school's mom just called me to remind me that her daughter was going to be bringing my cookies and to "pay up". Kidding. It just feels like they will never end.

Ok, I will ask one more time. For now. I feel like I am the only weirdie in North Mississippi, and I need some blog friends. Wouldn't it be fun if some people I actually knew had a blog? We could send little comments back and forth. Right now I feel like Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail"...."Good night, dear void". :)

Blogging could be so much fun. I am serious when I say that I am the only weirdie that I know. Unless people live secret lives, I think I am the only blogger around.

What will I do if I don't get any blogger friends? I will keep on blogging because it is fun. I guess it boils down to the womanly need to communicate. I am not an island. Come on, Google blogger is free.

I work with children all day long. I pour myself into making them better people. I don't expect...and wouldn't want any emotional support from them. Because I do work with children...and being a music teacher, am alone most of the day. (Matt remembers this from his early days of teaching.) I really just need a place to be an adult for a little while. To do something besides teach music or any of my other responsibilities. I am ranting tonight...not because anything is really wrong. I am not depressed...I am just ranting. We are new to this area, and I haven't built a lot of friendships. We just moved to a new church and are about to move to a new house. Ok, this does sound depressing. Sorry. I really am ok...I am just discussing...Matt says this is how women feel better. There are so many people I need to take the time to write or call. My buddy, Hallie, who sent me the most precious Christmas picture of her kids, just moved. I really need to contact her. My buddy Lisa from Madison, the Coleman's, and so many others.

For some reason, blogging after the kids have gone to bed is easier. I miss my friends and have every intention of getting in touch with them. I guess I need to get off of this computer and do it. haven't escaped yet. Park Place are next.

Take care. Love in Christ,

Monday, February 19, 2007

Illustration Friday

Ok, here is my first attempt at Illustration Friday's topic. Gravity.
It was very fun just to pick up a pencil and draw after not doing it for so long. I am glad I found this website.

Congratulations to Lafayette Middle School Choir!

Go Lafayette! I am so proud for Matt's choir. They got all superiors at contest on Friday. He does such a good job with them. Now they go on to state competition in Pearl.

We sang at the wedding on Sat. afternoon and then went to sing at the pageant. At the wedding, for some strange reason, the music cut off after the first couple of verses of our song. We ended the song accappella and tried to be inconspicuous.

At the pageant, I felt like some of the adults who used to go to Europe with our choir. We always thought that they always demanded what they wanted. There was a little confusion about who sang when, and Matt and I pestered the guy in charge until we got to sing first....when we wanted we could go home earlier. We didn't apologize, though. I don't guess we did anything wrong. Hmmm.

Ok, I have to say something. I need some fellow blogger friends. I need some of my buddies to join the 21st Century and get blogs so we can communicate. I am after Nana, John Robert, basically anyone I know. I am tired of being the lone blogger. :( So there.

Anyway, have a great week. We close on the house next week. I went by yesterday and it was a long way from being finished. Yikes! Maybe they know something I don't know.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

District Choral Festival is over

Well, it is finally over. I have to say that I am so proud of the girls in my choir. This is their first year to ever go to District Festival. They made a rating of GOOD. They were so poised and professional looking, and sang so well. Their sound was great.

I picked out some really difficult music for them, and they did it well. We know we have a way to go, but I am still so proud. I hope they are.

I met a really nice person who accompanied for us. I am looking forward to her playing for us in the future.

Matt takes his choir tomorrow. I pray that they do well, too. I guess there is a little more expected of them since they have been established for many, many years. He has done a great job with them. I know they will do great!

Speaking of Valentine's Day....we got the sweetest cards. Some from Mamaw, some from Nana, one from Grandma and Grandpa, and one from John Robert. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Love Day !

I just wanted to say I love you to all the people that well, ...I love since tomorrow is the official day of love. I am so blessed to have a husband that loves me no matter how cruddy I look or how batty I act. I can't believe that I have such a picture of unconditional love in my life. I mean, my mommy is one thing, but to have someone that didn't even know me 16 years ago. That is pretty special. Thank you, Matt, for everything.

I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have 4 precious kids who treat me like a queen....(well, when it really counts, and when I don't expect it.) Even though I usually know something is coming when Benjamin tells me that if there were no God or Jesus, that I would be the best living being ever, I love it. It still breaks my heart and butters me up. Even though I kind of roll my eyes, he usually gets what he is after.

Claire is at the table writing Valentines for all of us. She is asking how to spell I love you.

I will be taking the choir to competition tomorrow on Valentine's Day. I am not sure when Matt and I, or even the whole family will have time to celebrate the day together. Maybe Thursday night. Matt and I are singing in a wedding Saturday, and will be at the rehearsal on Friday night. After the wedding, we are off to the pageant at Lafayette. Hmm...wonder what we are going to sing. This is life on the edge. :) I guess Matt and I will have to just stay out later than we would normally, to celebrate Valentine's, being that we are old folks now and like to be in early. Nana is coming to keep the kids so we can go to all of our functions. Another person I love. Here are a few of these people:

Sunday, February 11, 2007

What a cool party

Claire's good buddy, Alexis, had a tea party at the Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery in Holly Springs this Saturday and we were delighted to be able to go to it. The girls did so many different things there. First they found their favorite piece of art and had their picture taken by it. Then they went over and did their nails. Then it was time for tea.

The girls had tea and all kinds of treats. They then went and made little books about the party where all their friends had a place to sign their names.

After that, they put on white gloves and sat on the floor, played a game with their doll and were read a book. Claire loved wearing a dress she had worn in my cousin's wedding. It was a great idea. We forget how much fun it is sometimes to be little ladies.

My favorite quote from the party..."Girls, don't touch the paintings." (After putting nail polish on the girls' nails.)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I need a to do list

It's true...Matt reminded me that to do lists are good things. Then you don't have to keep everything in the front of your mind. You just write the task down and then wipe it from your mind. Then you just look at your list. Hmmm... it think I knew this at one time, but forgot it along the way somewhere.

These last two years have been "let's see how many different little tasks Laurie can keep up with and still manage do some of them in a half-way decent way".

Our google countdown says that we have 21 days until we close on the house. I can't believe it. It seems like it is all falling into place. I don't know why sometimes I feel like we don't deserve good things like this. I guess we have tried to get our credit, etc., to a good place. It feels like it has been bad for years. All those years of me staying at home when the kids were young, and Matt and me trying to get better jobs so we could get ahead. It felt like something like this would never happen.

We aren't exactly doing it the Dave Ramsey way. Like saving up for the entire house....having a lot of savings in the bank, etc.

I really believe that this is where we need to be going now, though. Church feels like it was sent straight from God for us, and the house we are buying is close to the church. I am really excited about the future at this church. We prayed for a long time for a place where Matthew could grow, etc. Not to mention that there are several families with 4 kids....and who believe strongly in a lot of the same things. Standing up for the to missions, etc.

I really feel the Holy Spirit when we go to church. And...our Sunday school class was awesome Sunday morning. We were really getting deep into the Bible. I have been so hungry for a class like that. I need to sign up to go on the Women of Faith trip in April. Anyway..I guess you can tell that I am excited. It was tough for us to leave Park Place and Pearson when we had to leave, but we can see that God really has a plan.

Ok...I will start a miniature calendar here:
Today- go to Wal-mart to buy candy to finish Valentine bags to sell for choir/ go to choir tonight
Thursday (tomorrow)- begin giving the Stanford ELPT tests to some of my students/after-school tutoring
Saturday- Claire is going to Alexis' party at the art gallery/wedding/ we are also singing for the pageant at Matt's school/Valentine's Banquet at church (take Matthew)
next Wednesday- Valentine's Day, District II Choral Festival (my choir, Potts Camp)
Thursday- Matt's choral festival
Friday- rehearsal for wedding where we are singing
Plan for the rest of the year....get my summer classes info to my school district......

Ok, that is all I want to think about for now. That has nothing to do with the kids' schedules....

Gee, I hope we don't have any conflicts. The weird thing usually works out. God is good!
Have a great day, everybody.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sunshine,come my way today

Here is our home the other day. It was good for the kids to have snow for one day. By the time the kids left with Nana Friday, every one of them had had a bad experience with snow being thrown in their face, etc.

I was worried that they would be sad that the snow was melting. I am personally a warm weather lover. I enjoyed the snow from inside, drinking my coffee. That is why my husband mocks me about this picture taken through the window. Notice the screen.


The sun came out today and started melting the ice right outside my classroom. I felt like an old-timey school teacher when I had to say.."Don't step on the ice. A little boy tried to step on it yesterday and almost broke his neck." This didn't completely deter them. I guess Kindergarteners through 3rd graders don't care about their necks. Anyway, today it was just ....don't step in the water. Sorry, that was too negative ...."Stay out of the water." That's better.

The choir Valentine fundraiser starts tomorrow. What was I thinking? Like I don't have enough to think about before contest next week. I hope it is worth our while.

Anyway. Have a good week.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Google blogger is cool

Google is the mac-daddy. I love my old blog , but this blog looks like fun, too.

Today Matt came and worked with the girls in high school choir. Any time someone new comes in it brings out something different. They did a very good job. Next week will be here before I know it. I am excited and terrified at the same time. I hope the girls will be a little more terrified so they will put more energy into us all making this music better.

Take care...

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