Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sunshine,come my way today

Here is our home the other day. It was good for the kids to have snow for one day. By the time the kids left with Nana Friday, every one of them had had a bad experience with snow being thrown in their face, etc.

I was worried that they would be sad that the snow was melting. I am personally a warm weather lover. I enjoyed the snow from inside, drinking my coffee. That is why my husband mocks me about this picture taken through the window. Notice the screen.


The sun came out today and started melting the ice right outside my classroom. I felt like an old-timey school teacher when I had to say.."Don't step on the ice. A little boy tried to step on it yesterday and almost broke his neck." This didn't completely deter them. I guess Kindergarteners through 3rd graders don't care about their necks. Anyway, today it was just ....don't step in the water. Sorry, that was too negative ...."Stay out of the water." That's better.

The choir Valentine fundraiser starts tomorrow. What was I thinking? Like I don't have enough to think about before contest next week. I hope it is worth our while.

Anyway. Have a good week.

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