Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I need a to do list

It's true...Matt reminded me that to do lists are good things. Then you don't have to keep everything in the front of your mind. You just write the task down and then wipe it from your mind. Then you just look at your list. Hmmm... it think I knew this at one time, but forgot it along the way somewhere.

These last two years have been "let's see how many different little tasks Laurie can keep up with and still manage do some of them in a half-way decent way".

Our google countdown says that we have 21 days until we close on the house. I can't believe it. It seems like it is all falling into place. I don't know why sometimes I feel like we don't deserve good things like this. I guess we have tried to get our credit, etc., to a good place. It feels like it has been bad for years. All those years of me staying at home when the kids were young, and Matt and me trying to get better jobs so we could get ahead. It felt like something like this would never happen.

We aren't exactly doing it the Dave Ramsey way. Like saving up for the entire house....having a lot of savings in the bank, etc.

I really believe that this is where we need to be going now, though. Church feels like it was sent straight from God for us, and the house we are buying is close to the church. I am really excited about the future at this church. We prayed for a long time for a place where Matthew could grow, etc. Not to mention that there are several families with 4 kids....and who believe strongly in a lot of the same things. Standing up for the to missions, etc.

I really feel the Holy Spirit when we go to church. And...our Sunday school class was awesome Sunday morning. We were really getting deep into the Bible. I have been so hungry for a class like that. I need to sign up to go on the Women of Faith trip in April. Anyway..I guess you can tell that I am excited. It was tough for us to leave Park Place and Pearson when we had to leave, but we can see that God really has a plan.

Ok...I will start a miniature calendar here:
Today- go to Wal-mart to buy candy to finish Valentine bags to sell for choir/ go to choir tonight
Thursday (tomorrow)- begin giving the Stanford ELPT tests to some of my students/after-school tutoring
Saturday- Claire is going to Alexis' party at the art gallery/wedding/ we are also singing for the pageant at Matt's school/Valentine's Banquet at church (take Matthew)
next Wednesday- Valentine's Day, District II Choral Festival (my choir, Potts Camp)
Thursday- Matt's choral festival
Friday- rehearsal for wedding where we are singing
Plan for the rest of the year....get my summer classes info to my school district......

Ok, that is all I want to think about for now. That has nothing to do with the kids' schedules....

Gee, I hope we don't have any conflicts. The weird thing usually works out. God is good!
Have a great day, everybody.

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