Thursday, May 31, 2007

Was this smart?

OK, this is our small attempt at summer fun. Don't worry, Mamaw, we are going to put it where our future flower bed is going to be. May be more trouble than we want, but it is just our experiment. It should be getting to our house tomorrow.

Tomorrow night some of us are going camping with some others from Potts Camp as kind of a cast party for our play. I get to be a chaperone. I know Matt doesn't want to go even though I have told him how much everyone wants him to come and bring his guitar. Benjamin has also told me that he really doesn't want to go unless we will have a log cabin. Oh well. Not sure about all of this.

We start VBS Monday night. It lasts all week. I am going to be doing the music for the 3 year olds. Wow! I am a little frightened, but I think it will be lots of fun. They are really sweet.

Then next Monday Upward Basketball Camp starts. They are going to stay with Nana and then go to camp eveyday.

It just started raining. We have needed it so badly!!! Ah......

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Hope you are all having a great day. I am trying to teach our kids about what today is about. I know for years I have been like so many that think about having the day off and shopping. I pray that from now on I will remember this day for what it is. I don't think we as a country thank our servicemen and women enough. We hear about all of the bad that they do. We don't hear about the daily good that goes on.

I can't even imagine trying to do their job in this world today. I have heard about what they have to do to even fire their weapons. I thought there was a lot of red tape being a school teacher.

Today I want to thank our friends that are serving our country now, Grandpa, who served in WWII, and so many others.

I pray that God will protect and guide you all daily.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sorry about that last blog

This guy is so creative.
Here is the link to buy his art. ELLOH

(Have I shown you all this picture? I am so proud of my graduate.)

I just read that last blog....sorry. I guess I was feeling intense. It is Friday night now. I guess a lot has happened this week. Now it is over. I guess it is like when you have a don't really remember all of the pain as much. When it is all over, the bad parts seem to fade a bit.

“ My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” (James 1:19)

This is the verse for the day. AMEN! I would not get into so much trouble if I would think about this verse more.

I just know that it is all good. I am really trying to be a more positive person. Really pray for those that I may feel have done me wrong....or better yet, just try to get over myself, assume the best, and see who needs a friend. It is amazing how we can be in our own world, and right beside us someone may be in a lot of pain. There are many prayer requests at my school. Another teacher's little 7 year old had a 4-wheeler wreck this week and he didn't eat until yesterday. They are taking him to a neurologist. He may have permanent brain damage. Lord, please forgive me when I feel sorry for myself.

I think of how tough my job is sometimes...(OK, often....but I am working on this)..and right beside me my good friend was feeling nervous because she is going to have a child who can not go to the bathroom by himself. This is her first time to have a child like this in her class and she doesn't know if she is going to have an assistant or not. She has such a precious heart, I know God will use her so much wherever she is.

Matt is jammin' out in the kitchen. It is good to hear him play the guitar again. We have been so busy that he hasn't played in a while. Matthew played tonight for a Save-a-Life banquet. I am so proud of him. He plays really well. He is only 15 and just picks up whatever he hears. It is neat to see this blooming in him. He would die if he knew that I said "blooming" and his name in the same sentence. :)

I am really getting the bug to get out and sing with Matt. God has put us around so many other great singers that I can't wait to see what happens in the future. I had a great time singing with my principal at my girls' choir concert. (We sang so they could change clothes.) It was so much fun. You can hear it if you go to our home page ( It may take a minute because the background is 2 mb. There is also a long intro. Anyway.

Have an awesome weekend. I am excited that Mamaw is coming Sunday and bringing our peeps. I hope she will stay for Memorial Day. Oh, thanks, Mom, for taking the kids to your house. I know they have had a great time.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I feel like I have been hit by a truck

This has been an emotional day. The choir sang at graduation, but I wasn't sure who was actually going to show up. There had been rumors about several wanting to skip because their dresses were hot, etc. (many other excuses).

I talked to many girls before today about being here. I have learned so much this year. I have learned that it doesn't matter what you do for students, some are still going to treat you like dirt. I am glad I have learned this and now am not going to take it personally as much. I am going to have more concrete expectations like...if you don't come to a concert, you don't get credit for this class, etc.

Would you believe that it has to come to that? I didn't, but I do now. I think the girls want to do right, I think they just had not had experiences that encouraged them to do something just because it felt good to be excellent at something. Just show up, because you have the honor of singing at an event, etc. I pray that I will pass a little of this on to the girls.

I think some this year have gotten the picture. We are having our choir banquet Tuesday night. It will be interesting to see who actually shows up. Again...I know that is sad....but I will not be surprised at anything anymore.

I am so looking forward to this summer. Can't wait to go to Jackson....see some friends I haven't seen in a long time. Be with Mamaw and Nana. Go to Alabama to see GG....go to Mashulaville to see Grandma and Grandpa.....sing in Nathan and Mindy's wedding....plan a trip to an aquarium, or go to the beach, etc. Be at home....unpack, hang pictures........I can't wait.

I asked Matt if we could please go do something fun tonight. I want to take the kids to Tupelo or Collierville to see Meet the Robinsons. It looks like such a cute movie.

Well, God bless you all. When I was driving to Potts Camp, I felt like Jesus spoke to me and said that the way I was feeling...wanting to do something good for my girls when they didn't know they needed it, and didn't want it....was a hint of how he felt when He was taking on our sin on the cross. We didn't want it...He did it anyway. We spit in His face....He loved us anyway.
Wow! If it takes me teaching and going through this a tiny bit to stay in touch with what He did for me...I would not trade it for anything.

These people at the top make it all a little better....when I see them at the end of the day.

Take care,

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The End of School

Ok, I know the end of school is probably what I talk about most, but I guess it is almost all-consuming when you are a teacher. This year has taught me so much. I am very proud of a lot that has gone on. I am in a very rewarding job. My heart has grown a few sizes and has added a lot of new friends. The kids I teach at school have stolen my heart.

I am glad that I am going to be at the same school this next year. I am starting with a whole new group of kids which will be interesting, challenging, etc. I am listening to our first Spring concert. I am moved by the way the girls sound. Even where I hear bad vowels, wrong pitches...I can hear different voices coming through and I just think of them as my own kids. I am trying to think about what I can do to inspire them to work really hard for next year. The have come a long way.

One of my elementary kids broke my heart today when she told me that she has loved everything we have done this year...that this was the first year they had had music, etc. It made me so proud. Coincidentally, she just happens to be the one that won the music award. That might be why she loves music so much...or she won because she loves music...(was it the chicken or the egg) Ok, I am sorry for the goobiness.

Tomorrow is awards day and Nana is here to see the boys get awards. I love when things are different. A change from the daily grind. The kids get out of school at 1:00 everyday after Monday. So, I won't even have school at the high school. Am I sad or am I glad? Hmmmm......

A little of both.

I wonder how many we will have at the high school banquet. I am kind of in denial about all I have to do to get ready for it. Wow! Vote on happies.....order food.....decorate....make CDs.....Ahhhhhhhh.....:)
Anyway, you all take care.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a week!

Well, today is my birthday. I am 36 years old. We have been so busy that I barely remember having Matt's birthday a week ago. He is 34 now. I know, I am an older woman. This picture was from last year, but it sure was fun.

The kids were very sweet and made me lots of colorful cards. Neat thing is also Mother's Day on Sunday, so I have been flooded with lots and lots of wonderful cards on my birthday.

Matt finished my blog for me the other day. I think he felt a little funny. The weather was so bad outside so he unplugged everything. I think he liked hijacking my blog like that.

Yesterday was Mother's day. We have the two best moms in the world. Matt's mom, Judy, brought the kids home from Clinton after taking them to church. She is such a giving person. She also "helped" my kids get me something extra special for me because she wasn't sure if they had already gotten me something for Mother's day of not. It was right up my alley. She always knows what I like. Thanks, Mamaw. She is wonderful for so many other reasons...not just what she does for me:).

My mom, Eleanor, had lots of company this weekend. Three of my brothers, my aunt and uncle, Matt, the kids and I all showed up at her house on Friday night. It was so great to see everyone.
I could go on about her for days and days. She taught me all about loving people. We have a mutual admiration society. :)

This is just about the last "real" week of school for us. The kids get out next week, but basically school is out. The senior are taking their tests and really just showing up for graduation Friday night. Claire's graduation is in the morning. :) I can't believe my baby is almost in 1st grade.

The boys have awards day on Thursday. I think Nana may come up for all the festivities.
I am looking forward to summer. It is such a blessing, also, knowing that Matt and I already have moving.....not as much change. Just ....what do we want to do this summer? It will be nice to hang pictures, etc. We are going to have to have people hold us accountable, because we really want to save money for a new vehicle and summer has many temptations and wonderful ways to spend our money. We want to pay cash for our next car. No debt is what we want. Except for the house, which we "want" to pay off early. We need to get intense with this money saving and sacrifice. We always seem to make little rationalizations about the money we spend.

Maybe we could have a big benefit concert......we could just sing until our vocal chords fell out. Kidding. I wish that was a commodity that people really needed. Time for another CD? Hmmmmmm? Maybe.

Well, have a great week.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Concert tomorrow night

Well, our high school choir concert is tomorrow night and I am feeling so low tonight. I feel very hurt by the actions of a few students. I am sad that the commitment to our choir is not a very high priority to them. Another teacher told me to say the serenity prayer and let it go. I wish I didn't feel things so deeply. I guess there is a lot going on right now. Kids are so busy with so many other things going on. I haven't had all choir girls together much at all in the last few weeks. It isn't easy to get a concert together when this is how it is.

I really need to remember how great I have it. I have a job....4 healthy children ...a health. This issue is really small in the grand scheme of things. I am still hurt, though. I am just not a very strong person when it comes to emotions. They get the best of me sometimes.

The scripture yesterday on my blog was, I think, about thanking God in all things...praying continuously, etc. I am going to just do that even if I feel like having a poor me pity party. I am so thankful that God loves us even when we aren't perfect. I am such an example of that because right now my attitude is far from perfect. I don't like feeling bitter and I am ready to get on with life and get over all of this.

Thank you, God, that you are with me even when I feel so unworthy.

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