Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a week!

Well, today is my birthday. I am 36 years old. We have been so busy that I barely remember having Matt's birthday a week ago. He is 34 now. I know, I am an older woman. This picture was from last year, but it sure was fun.

The kids were very sweet and made me lots of colorful cards. Neat thing is also Mother's Day on Sunday, so I have been flooded with lots and lots of wonderful cards on my birthday.

Matt finished my blog for me the other day. I think he felt a little funny. The weather was so bad outside so he unplugged everything. I think he liked hijacking my blog like that.

Yesterday was Mother's day. We have the two best moms in the world. Matt's mom, Judy, brought the kids home from Clinton after taking them to church. She is such a giving person. She also "helped" my kids get me something extra special for me because she wasn't sure if they had already gotten me something for Mother's day of not. It was right up my alley. She always knows what I like. Thanks, Mamaw. She is wonderful for so many other reasons...not just what she does for me:).

My mom, Eleanor, had lots of company this weekend. Three of my brothers, my aunt and uncle, Matt, the kids and I all showed up at her house on Friday night. It was so great to see everyone.
I could go on about her for days and days. She taught me all about loving people. We have a mutual admiration society. :)

This is just about the last "real" week of school for us. The kids get out next week, but basically school is out. The senior are taking their tests and really just showing up for graduation Friday night. Claire's graduation is in the morning. :) I can't believe my baby is almost in 1st grade.

The boys have awards day on Thursday. I think Nana may come up for all the festivities.
I am looking forward to summer. It is such a blessing, also, knowing that Matt and I already have moving.....not as much change. Just ....what do we want to do this summer? It will be nice to hang pictures, etc. We are going to have to have people hold us accountable, because we really want to save money for a new vehicle and summer has many temptations and wonderful ways to spend our money. We want to pay cash for our next car. No debt is what we want. Except for the house, which we "want" to pay off early. We need to get intense with this money saving and sacrifice. We always seem to make little rationalizations about the money we spend.

Maybe we could have a big benefit concert......we could just sing until our vocal chords fell out. Kidding. I wish that was a commodity that people really needed. Time for another CD? Hmmmmmm? Maybe.

Well, have a great week.


jason said...

hope you had a great birthday. have a great mother's day also. talk to yall later, the bryants

Diane Duda said...

Hope your Mother's Day and birthday were just wonderful!

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...


...that hug is for feeling things deeply (I do too) -- and a b-day hug, too!!!
(my younger son celebrated his b-day on Mom's day - it was nice of him to share his sweetie-16 with me)...

saving money - a great and noble endeavor! I get encouraged listening to Crown Financial Ministries ... we all learn so much from one another's successes and struggles! ~xo~

joy in the journey,
psalm 103

John Kaiser said...

Happy B-day! And so close to Mother's Day. Lucky you.

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