Monday, March 9, 2009

So many things going on....

A couple of months ago I wrote about waiting. Well, now I am in the weeds. (an old restaurant phrase:) ) The last two weeks have been very good, but very wild. February 24th my choir went to district festival and did great. They were so proud, and I was proud for and of them.

Matt went and worked with the choir in West Memphis that Wed. getting ready for revival which started Sunday before last. The day he took his choir to district festival in Hernando, I had my sick girl with me and went on our church bus to Madison to the Christian Performing Arts Festival. Nana and Chuck were so great to serve us. Matt left for West Memphis before I got back from Madison. The snow came and made it where I couldn't go to WM until Sunday afternoon. The revival was great. Everyday I drove back and forth to Potts Camp for revival that night. We were treated so well. Wonderful hotel room, being taken out to dinner each night. We definitely did not deserve the royal treatment we received, but we were so thankful for it. We got home from WM on Thursday and were so glad to see our babies. Mamaw was so wonderful to be with them while we were gone. She is the best.

This week has been pretty basic. We had a great women's conference Sat. and services yesterday. We are really looking forward to next week, Spring Break!! Not completely sure what we are doing, but sure it will be great.

Hope all is well with all of you. My prayer is that we will all listen and hear from God what He wants us to know.

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