Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fundraiser Flames...and another plea

Fundraisers are driving me crazy. The kids have to sell two cases of candy bars to go to the big pizza party. We never do fundraisers so I let my mommy guilt get the best of me. I want to help out our school....but.

This has consumed me. How to get two cases per child sold. We have sold one for Claire and now one for Jacob. Benjamin hasn't gotten a case yet. The librarian told me I could leave a box for her to sell to the kids, so ...yea! Poor Benjamin has been sick and depressed about not being the winner. They had so wanted to sell thousands of bars and be the winner...and win the $100. I tried to prepare them that we were not going to go door-to-door for hours after school. They are still breaking my heart. We picked up the food that came in for Matthew's band fundraiser, and the girl scout from my school's mom just called me to remind me that her daughter was going to be bringing my cookies and to "pay up". Kidding. It just feels like they will never end.

Ok, I will ask one more time. For now. I feel like I am the only weirdie in North Mississippi, and I need some blog friends. Wouldn't it be fun if some people I actually knew had a blog? We could send little comments back and forth. Right now I feel like Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail"...."Good night, dear void". :)

Blogging could be so much fun. I am serious when I say that I am the only weirdie that I know. Unless people live secret lives, I think I am the only blogger around.

What will I do if I don't get any blogger friends? I will keep on blogging because it is fun. I guess it boils down to the womanly need to communicate. I am not an island. Come on, Google blogger is free.

I work with children all day long. I pour myself into making them better people. I don't expect...and wouldn't want any emotional support from them. Because I do work with children...and being a music teacher, am alone most of the day. (Matt remembers this from his early days of teaching.) I really just need a place to be an adult for a little while. To do something besides teach music or any of my other responsibilities. I am ranting tonight...not because anything is really wrong. I am not depressed...I am just ranting. We are new to this area, and I haven't built a lot of friendships. We just moved to a new church and are about to move to a new house. Ok, this does sound depressing. Sorry. I really am ok...I am just discussing...Matt says this is how women feel better. There are so many people I need to take the time to write or call. My buddy, Hallie, who sent me the most precious Christmas picture of her kids, just moved. I really need to contact her. My buddy Lisa from Madison, the Coleman's, and so many others.

For some reason, blogging after the kids have gone to bed is easier. I miss my friends and have every intention of getting in touch with them. I guess I need to get off of this computer and do it. haven't escaped yet. Park Place are next.

Take care. Love in Christ,

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Doug M said...

Hi Laurie! We're in the middle of a winter wife is sitting in the chair reading and I'm reading blogs :-) I read your blog...I see you guys are a musical family...we are too (sort of). We host a musical event in our barn/ apple orchard we call "Apple Jam" for the past few is a way to reach out/build bridges w/ neighbors/strangers etc...and it keeps getting better....I just remembered, we have a website with pictures from the last Apple Jam...the website is: there is a tab there I think it is special events...anyway, we too are Christians..our kids are beginning to leave the nest...we home schooled them for part of their years...the girls (we have 3) all have beautiful voices...would like to sing a song I just heard last week (seven bridges road/ eagles) with our daughter Rebekah @ the next applejam...just something awesome about a dad and his daughter singing together...especially if they sound half way decent...well, I"m also starting to I'll wrap it up....keep writing! Sincerely, DM

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