Monday, February 19, 2007

Congratulations to Lafayette Middle School Choir!

Go Lafayette! I am so proud for Matt's choir. They got all superiors at contest on Friday. He does such a good job with them. Now they go on to state competition in Pearl.

We sang at the wedding on Sat. afternoon and then went to sing at the pageant. At the wedding, for some strange reason, the music cut off after the first couple of verses of our song. We ended the song accappella and tried to be inconspicuous.

At the pageant, I felt like some of the adults who used to go to Europe with our choir. We always thought that they always demanded what they wanted. There was a little confusion about who sang when, and Matt and I pestered the guy in charge until we got to sing first....when we wanted we could go home earlier. We didn't apologize, though. I don't guess we did anything wrong. Hmmm.

Ok, I have to say something. I need some fellow blogger friends. I need some of my buddies to join the 21st Century and get blogs so we can communicate. I am after Nana, John Robert, basically anyone I know. I am tired of being the lone blogger. :( So there.

Anyway, have a great week. We close on the house next week. I went by yesterday and it was a long way from being finished. Yikes! Maybe they know something I don't know.

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