Sunday, February 11, 2007

What a cool party

Claire's good buddy, Alexis, had a tea party at the Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery in Holly Springs this Saturday and we were delighted to be able to go to it. The girls did so many different things there. First they found their favorite piece of art and had their picture taken by it. Then they went over and did their nails. Then it was time for tea.

The girls had tea and all kinds of treats. They then went and made little books about the party where all their friends had a place to sign their names.

After that, they put on white gloves and sat on the floor, played a game with their doll and were read a book. Claire loved wearing a dress she had worn in my cousin's wedding. It was a great idea. We forget how much fun it is sometimes to be little ladies.

My favorite quote from the party..."Girls, don't touch the paintings." (After putting nail polish on the girls' nails.)

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