Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Closing's Postponed

Well, I hate to say it but the closing has been rescheduled for 4:30 so that the inspector can see if they fixed everything. The tub will have to wait, but it will be done soon.

I am glad. I was a little uncomfortable with closing with things the way they were.

Today was like a mad rush to catch a plane. All of the Stanford English Language Proficiency tests were due to our central office today. I thought they were due tomorrow. Another person actually gave the tests, but I was the one who was grading them. I just got the grading booklet Monday. :)

They got where they needed to go, and, I hope, they were correct. Gotta go run bath water.

My evaluation at Mary Reid School is Thursday. I am teaching a unit on the blues/ Ella Fitzgerald ....and scat singing. She is my favorite. One of my biggest influences. I love when kids hear her for the first time. I think it changes their lives. :)

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