Friday, September 7, 2007

It's Friday Night

Here is the link to one of the Family Life Today articles that you see in the sidebar of this blog. It really hit home. It is about things that can crush your relationship with your child. Often things that you do to your firstborn. I have to confess that I am so often to blame for this. It is worth reading. Protecting Your Relationship with Your Child.

Here is another video I found on YouTube. I am officially a YouTube nerd. I have another treasure of Matthew being great on YouTube. Check it out. It is called Go Matt and Laurie Jones.

Today was great. I got to go to Northwest Community College for their honor choir. I officially went as Matt's colleague because she was sick and stayed home. I was going to go anyway for a professional day. I knew I would learn a lot, but I didn't realize how much I would get out of it. I learned so much by talking to the other choral directors that were there. I am excited about taking my kids to see some of these choirs. I learned about warming up with Tai Bo (sp) , etc. My choir isn't going to know what to think. :)

Tomorrow is Benjamin's party. Finally. We had to cancel the one we planned earlier because the computer planned the party for December 12, 1969. By the time we caught the mistake there were no good movies on.

I am looking forward to fall so much. It is getting a little bit cooler. The place where the pool was this summer is looking like a great place to put a flower/ fall veggie bed. I will keep my eye out for some materials to make a border for it. I would love to find some salvaged wood or stones. I am trying to get creative. We are trying to get totally into Dave Ramsey (Financial Peace) so spending more money on planting things is a luxury at this point.

Monday is Grandparent's Day. Happy Early Grandparent's Day, Mom and Mamaw and G'ma and G'pa and GG......and......
The kids at Mary Reid are putting on a program. I am a tad anxious that some of it will come together. Even when I plan, I just don't always know how it is going to all turn out. I think grandparents usually think whatever their little cuties do is cute, though. That is a good thing.

Matt has gone to the football game tonight to work in the concession stand. I guess it will be my turn next time. :) It was kind of a last minute thing.

Well, it always seems that there is so much going on. I want to slow down and think about what is important. God is so good. He gives me strength and guides me in every step. I feel so privileged to get to go to my job and to do what I am doing. I feel a big responsibility to the kids I teach. I want to be something that is stable for them. I want to show them God's love. So many of them come from homes where they don't get the love they need. It is a blessing to do that.

Our church is getting ready for revival and I am trying to check where my heart is. So many times I just feel like I would like to have very little expected of me. Thinking that God may ask me to deny myself or to get out of my comfort zone really shows me how much I often like my comfort too much. I think about the people who have been persecuted for their faith. I think about the people I pass on my way home, in a hurry, who may or may not know Jesus. What does He want for me? He is so worthy of my service. Just thought I would share a few of my thoughts.

God is so good.

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