Saturday, September 15, 2007

It ain't easy being a teenager and having freak parents

I feel for Matthew. His friends went to see Halloween last night, even though most of them weren't 17. Matthew almost started to ask, but knew what the answer would be. He tried to get some friends and his girlfriend to come over and watch a movie, but they had already left for the movie, and his other good friend was taking his girlfriend out to eat.

He ended up eating out with his mother. Poor thing :) . I hate that there are so many things in this world that we have to protect our kids from. I know it is a pain for him. I guess he will be thankful later that we cared. He really is a good guy. I remember a girl in high school when I lived in Clinton whose mom wouldn't let her go to a cheer leading party we were having, but instead took her shopping. Today, Matt is buying Matthew some new shoes. :)

We ended up watching the YWAM DVD of the dramas we are going to learn at church. The people in the DVD do them a little differently than the Clinton youth group did. I loved the way the Clinton group did them. They had that southern style. :)

Anyway, the dramas are so powerful. I am excited about the impact they are going to have and pray that God will use them for His glory. I cry almost every time I see them because of what Jesus has done in my life. One of the dramas is called the King of Hearts and one is the Redeemer. We start on September 30th with the kids. We'll see what doors open up for us share the dramas. That is one of the fun parts....the other is seeing the kids get moved by being used by God in such a real way.

The kids are with Mamaw this weekend, I'm sure having a great time. I feel better now since my shot/ medicine, and am trying take advantage of being inspired by a certain organized family at our church whose house I went to the other night. I am on a cleaning/organizing spree. My head is spinning a little from the clorox/ scrubbing bubble fumes (that is why I am taking a blog break), but I am getting a lot done. My friend is now a personal assistant/ planner for a doctor in town. I would love for her to help me organize my life. :)

Well, times a wastin'. I better hurry up and clean those bathrooms and get out of my bleached/ ripped clothes. They must be bad when your husband says that maybe we could swing back a little toward Donna Reed. You know how you just have those clothes that get you into the cleaning mood? Well, I better go put on my skirt and high heels. Take care, and God bless you.

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