Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oxford Civic Chorus

Here is another video of ours on YouTube. It is almost non-watchable due to the videographer. He was experimenting with earthquake style videoing. We make him watch it daily to never forget. Just kidding.

He did watch the kids tonight for Matt and me to go to chorus practice. It was a lot of fun. I tried to step up to second soprano, but after singing to be placed in the ensemble, I think I am going to be put at first alto. I know I will love whatever we sing. It was so great also to see Doc and Mrs. J conduct/ warm us up, etc. I am getting a masters degree education for free (well almost free). Another teacher is bringing her kids from school to be in the chorus. I would love to bring some of mine, but it is probably too far away for them to drive.

Anyway, I think it is neat how we left Oxford, but are back now. I love this little eclectic town. Small enough, but large enough. Like I told Matthew as we passed William Faulkner's parents' home on S. Lamar, "This town is just steeped in history." :) I said it in a goofy way, though.

Matt is playing Jazz on his guitar now. I would love to video him and put it on YouTube. :) I know there is a lot of horrible depravity on YouTube, but there is so much that is great. I found several of the youth dramas we will be doing soon, as well as Third Day videos, etc. (I am not going to approach copyright laws that are probably being totally broken...) I just think to myself ...they probably have paid for a public performance of this. Yeah.

Anyway, I would love it if all of our songs and videos were passed around. That would mean that people were listening/watching. That would be good.

Have a happy Tuesday.

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