Saturday, September 8, 2007

Under the black lights of the skating rink

We had a good time today at Benny's party. The way the Skate Place put the party together was so easy on us. The only problem was that we chose something that most of the kids had never done, or had done very little. Skating was new to almost everyone. There was much frustration until after the pizza came....then it seemed like everyone was much better and wanted to skate some more.

Everyone left with some sort of bruise or blister, but it didn't seem to taint their opinion of the party.

Now Benjamin's 3 week birthday is almost officially over. (We still have to go spend is birthday money.) :)

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Michele said...

Hi Laurie! Your new header looks great... love all of the pictures. The Gospel Train video is adorable!:) Have a wonderful week.
In Him,

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