Sunday, September 16, 2007

Big Day

Well, Saturday night was our big prayer meeting before the revival services today. It was a time when we got by ourselves and asked God to show us where we had sin in our lives. The pastor that is preaching this week gave us a questionnaire that had different areas for us to look at. It was tough to look at myself so closely, but I know if I want to get closer to God I need to get totally clean. Ouch.
Today was good. I am not sure what real revival looks like, but I believe it happens when people get a burden for their world and touch one life at a time by building relationships. I am excited about the things that are happening at our church. I know that there are areas where I could be much more dedicated.
It is great to have all my people home. Thanks, Mamaw, for taking them to the zoo and taking such good care of them. It was good to be with our Jr. Matthew for a weekend. He is going to be flying the nest in a few years and this time is special. I am going to try very hard to be more fun with him and not so old. I feel so much older every time he shares opinions that are not mine. I can see where the name "The Gap" came from, even though in a way I feel like I am in his same generation. Well, have a good week. God bless you guys!

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