Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Calgon take me away....

I know I am about to start school on Thursday, but I guess I am still trying to be in vacation mode. I had such a great time with my family and still want to hang around there in my thoughts for now. I sent letters to my choir today, so I am not totally in denial, but watching this video I made while we were at the Georgia Aquarium is something I can always go to when the school year gets tough. Like Calgon.........

I could have stared at these fish for days. (I think I may have already said that.)

Matt is playing finger style guitar now in the kitchen. I think we may be recording again soon. I am excited about maybe not doing things that will take lots of money to buy copyrights to. We are going to be putting our CD on CDBaby this time. It is a company that sells independent artists' CDs. That is a little dream of mine. I guess more and more now I am wanting to just get out and sing. Matt and I got to for the Golden Prospector group at our church. It was so great. We gave away CDs for the first time and it was so much fun. What a cool blessing that anyone would actually even want our music. I can't believe it when someone tells me that they listened to our CD when they were having a tough time and God comforted them. This is what I want to do.

Please pray for us in this. I love kids, and I love teaching and everything else that we get to do, but this is probably my biggest passion. I have had a passion for singing since I was a mere tot. It has never left me. I feel like I kind of have to suppress it when I am teaching because teaching and talking all day take a toll in my voice. ( I know that may sound silly.) Anyway, this is where God has me now.

Oh, for some reason I started thinking about my weight loss goals and overall fitness and need to comment on that. Eating wise, I did terribly today, except for eating lots of tomatoes. I did, however, stretch on the exercise ball that Matt bought for his back. I also did some push-ups on it. Later, I walked with my neighbor, Jennifer. So I guess I am moving in the right direction. I was feeling so old and stiff. It is amazing how just doing a little more makes a huge difference.

Take care.....

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Diane Duda said...

Hi Laurie,

It's 1:30 am and we just got back from working on those pesky class reunion projects. I'll have to come back and read your post, but I wanted to let you know that I don't mind you posting my artwork here at all. Hopefully, it will help. I can't seem to give anything away on ebay lately.
Must sleep.

Thanks, Di

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