Friday, July 27, 2007

The best moms in the world

I have to say that when I hear some talking about their mothers-in-law being terrible, I feel for those describing them. My mother-in-law is so great to me as well as (probably expected) her grand kids.

I pray that I am as sweet when I am a mother-in-law. You may be asking....what do you want, Laurie? Really, I don't want anything. My mother-in-law, Judy, among being great all the time, took all of us shopping yesterday. I think we bought out Osh Kosh (well, not really). Thank goodness they had a great sale. :) Matthew got new duds. Even blackish jeans. He loves those black clothes. Matt wasn't there, but, even he got new clothes. The kids were psyched to get new backpacks and clothes. Claire got a flowery backpack. Cute. I know she would probably not want me to say, but, thank you, Mamaw.

My mom is also the greatest. She did so much to make our vacation great. She is always there and goes over board for us. I have to check myself every once in a while to make sure that we are not just taking from them. It is so easy sometimes when people are used to giving (and you are the baby of the family) to wake-up and realize that you are doing a little more of the taking than the giving. Our moms are so unselfish. I try to think of things that would be extra special for them. Somehow it always seems to not be quite as much as they do for us.

This makes me think about the movie Pay it Forward. Our moms give to us, we give to our kids, hopefully they will give of themselves and their gifts to others.

Anyway, if they are reading this....we love you moms.

Oh, going shopping also makes me think of what I wrote to Southern Fried Fatty. Wow, do those fluorescent lights show everything. I am going to join you in your goal to lose weight. For now, I will be big and beautiful (hopefully). I do like the big girl clothes I got. They are pretty. :)

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