Sunday, July 15, 2007

King of Hearts on GodTube

Here is a drama that the group at First Methodist in Clinton did in Mexico and all over. (This isn't them performing it, though.)

I found this video of the drama on Click on the title of this post to go there.

We enjoyed having the Hodges over for lunch today. They had a basset hound in the past so it was neat talking about their's. I cooked lasagna from a great recipe I found last night. We wanted it to start cooking while we were at church, so I looked for one that you could prepare the night before.
Here is the one I used: Overnight Lasagna
It was good. I changed it a little to just use ground beef instead of meatballs. I figured you were going to chop them up anyway.....
I also made chocolate cheesecake. I am glad that the kids haven't acquired a taste for cheesecake yet. :)

Tonight, we are having the Watkins boys over. Aaron and Ryan are good guys that our boys love playing with.

Anyway, that is my day. Thank you, everyone who asked about Coltrane.

Happy Sunday!

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bryant boy said...

go on ebay, type in six flags over georgia and you will most likely find a buy one get one free coupon(for up to 6 people) brandy and i did that when we went to san antonio and it worked great. hope yall have a good trip.

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