Thursday, July 12, 2007

"The Skid Row Man" Joe Shelton

We've looked for Joe Shelton off and on for the last few years and have even read other people's comments on the web wondering where he was. Well, we found out that he's not that far from our new home. This link has some writings from Joe.

On a sadder note, Coltrane-the-dog is in the doggy hospital tonight. He was hit by a car today, and we're hopeful that he'll pull through. The vet said that her "gut feeling" was that he'd make it. We'll find out more, tomorrow.


Diane Duda said...

Oh my! POOR PUPPY! I'll be thinking of him and hoping he makes it back home.


stormyjewel19 said...

I am the great and wonderful daughter of JOE SHELTON - Stormy Shelton-Hall. He has a facebook group under JOE SHELTON, also you can find his newsletters and songs at AND my mother has a facebook under SHARON ANN SHELTON. I have all contact information- you can email me directly at


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