Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thank you, sweet lady from the Oxford Animal Shelter, from the bottom of our hearts!

I am so happy today because our doggie was able to come home last night. He didn't have any major injuries from his accident. He is walking very slowly today, though, and probably will be for a little while. He is having to take an anti-biotic and pain medicine for a while. He would not even be here if it hadn't been for two nice people, the lady from the Oxford Animal Shelter and the nice man who helped her lift Coltrane into her car (he is a little large).

Thank goodness someone who worked for the animal shelter came by right as Coltrane was trying to cross Hwy. 7 (big, busy hwy. by our house). When we talked to her later at the vets, she said people weren't even slowing down to let him cross. They just whizzed by until someone hit him.

I just don't understand this. What is wrong with people today? Are we so busy and hardened that we will just hit a dog rather than slow down for 5 seconds to let him cross? Obviously, these aren't the same people who help out during hurricanes or 911 disasters, etc. I pray that something doesn't happen to me with these kinds of people around. OK, I am being a little dramatic about it, but, sheesh. Anyway, he is home now.

If you click on the picture or title of this blog, you can go to the website of the animal rescue. If you feel like it, you can donate to them in honor of Coltrane or adopt a pet, etc. They also have a wish list of things they need. I am indebted to them. They need volunteers, so I may go help out sometime.

We are getting ready to go out of town again. This time on a trip for all of us. We are going to the Georgia Aquarium and Six Flags. :) The kids just about can't even contain themselves. I hope I can take the rides. It has been so many years since I have ridden anything. I'm a little old, now. I think your equilibrium changes so that you feel rides like this more. I know I tried to swing a couple of years ago and really felt sick. Not like the days when I tried to go so high that I would flip around the swing.

OK, I've got to get over this and get young again. :) Matt and I were looking at the Six Flags website and saw all the rides and how tall you have to be to ride them. Matt and I ran to Claire's bed with the tape measure and measured her while she slept. Kind of strange, huh? I thought so, but we just couldn't wait. We were too excited. I think Mamaw has offered to doggie-sit her granddog. Thanks so much, Mamaw!

Happy Saturday!

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Diane Duda said...

So glad to here your dog is okay!
We are so opposite of the people who didn't slow down...we stop to let turtles cross!
And, I thought that was just me with the swinging.
I'm still pretty good on the rides, but the regular old playground swing makes me woozy! :)
Have a great trip...was she tall enough?


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