Monday, July 2, 2007

B and Traney

B and Traney
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Well, Matt has just left for a day of classes at Ole Miss (University of Mississippi if you aren't familiar). He is pretty swamped with assignments. Good thing is, he only has another week and a half to go. If he can just hold on, he will finished. He is sad that our kids are gone.

Mom took Matthew, Jacob and Claire to Jackson so I can leave tomorrow to join up with Benny and our church group at Centri-kids.

It is Benny's first time to go to camp. I hope he is having a good time. He is the youngest one going. There were some pretty big guys he doesn't know going, so I pray that they will be nice to him.

What to do today? There is always cleaning.....there could be picture hanging....or furniture for trip tomorrow, furniture re-arranging, paper sorting (my least favorite), planning for school that starts in August..........

I have already had my quiet time, so I feel ready to go. I have such a hard time organizing my time. My expectations are usually so big. I am not doing that today. I am just going to tackle and finish a few things and pack for tomorrow. There.

I pray that you have an awesome Monday and an awesome week.

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