Thursday, July 5, 2007

B and me on bus home from camp

I love this picture because it pretty much captures my B's personaltiy. Calm with a lot of mischief that most people don't see. He was trying to do a goofy look and then I tickled him and we somehow got this picture.

We had a great time at camp and now I am so happy to be home. It made me a little glad that I "only" have 4 children of my own.

I highly recommend Centri-kids. I don't know when I stopped being like the staffers there. I see myself as young as they are, but somehow when we were dancing to the music I didn't quite jump as high.

That is my goal for this get in shape so that I am not only young at heart, but also able to leap tall buildings with a single bound. I also almost broke my ankle playing "IT" with the kids. The fault was with my dumb flip-flops that have these really impractical wide high heels. I was "IT" and my shoe broke leaving me on the ground. I think the kids were a little speechless.

I totally missed the 4th of July. Happy Birthday, America! We'll have to celebrate later.

Can't wait to see Matt. He is still in class right now, but he, B, and I are about to go to Rataouille. I have missed that guy!

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