Sunday, August 5, 2007

In the Weeds

This was a term we used a lot to describe a time in the restaurant business when we were totally swamped with tables, etc.

School starts tomorrow and for Matt and me, in the weeds is how we feel most of the time once we are in school (planning and teaching, grading, etc. We are so blessed to have our jobs. We are so blessed to have our family. Both of our jobs are the type of jobs that take a lot of planning ahead. Planning ahead for concerts, field trips, etc. It is exciting most of the time. It is exciting seeing kids learn things about themselves, and teaching them things that, you believe, will benefit them in the future.

Nevertheless, it is very taxing on the energy. This year we are, again, going in separate directions. Matt will take all of our 4 kids with him to school, and I will drive 45 minutes to Potts Camp. This will be interesting. I have already had mixed feelings. On one hand, I had a little feeling in my stomach of missing my guys whom I drove to work with everyday last year. If I wanted to see them, all I had to do was to peek into their classroom. If I forgot lunch money, or snack, all I had to do was to bring it later in the day. Now I am passing the torch on to my sweet husband. I hope he will be able to get more done than I did in the afternoon. He is a little better at managing our kids than I am. I try my best, but I am still a little of a Pillsbury Dough Girl. They think I am very soft. I think Matt will do great.

I did enjoy my drive for the past two days going to staff development meetings. Part of me feels bad for enjoying time to myself, but I know it will be good for me to have time and then have more to give them when I get home. God knows best. I will trust Him that He knows that this is what we (the kids, Matt, and me) need.

I probably won't be blogging quite as much unless I am procrastinating (which may happen at times). I think when things slow down and we get into the swing of things, I want to continue our recording, etc. I don't want to give up on that.

We are beginning Financial Peace at our church in a couple of weeks. I think we may go through it again to get back on track. We really want to save for a car, pay cash, but it has been tough. It seems like with a family it is so hard to get the jump on saving money. After listening every Friday afternoon, I know people get out of debt. I think we need the refresher course.

I am asking that you please say a little prayer for us if you are reading this. Please pray that we will grow to be the people God wants us to be and that we will be the parents and teachers God wants us to be. I know we can do all things through Him who gives us strength. Please pray that we will know what to be involved in and what to say no to. I tend to do many things because of guilt instead of definitely feeling God calling me.

Matt sang "Captured" this morning in church. This is a song that Chris Tomlin sang a while back. It made me have such a desire to sing with him more and more. I know that is not exactly what God is calling us to at the moment. I believe, while our kids are young, that we have a stable home....not a lot of travel or late nights. I am excited about the future, though. It is amazing how God has you in different seasons of life and they are all good.

Anyway, I know I am rambling. Happy Sunday!

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