Monday, August 13, 2007

Wow, a lot of people are looking for Denny Terrio

Since I added sitemeter to my blog I have been able to see how people end up at our site. It is so interesting. A while back, I made a comment about how I needed judges for our school's upcoming talent show and that I wondered where Denny Terrio was. I think the majority of people come to our site because we came up on their google search for Denny Terrio. Then they stay about 0 seconds. I hated to disappoint them so I thought I would try to search for him myself and post something about him. I have to admit, what I found really took me back to (I think) Friday nights of my childhood. Dance! I can't believe how often I probably watched this. Maybe this is why I am such the dancer that I am. :) Here is a link to Youtube where you can see the Dance Fever closing. I so remember watching this on so many nights.

Sorry, Mom, I know you were expecting a big update from our life. I am actually only unwinding from a big day and ....talking about Denny Terrio. I could be talking about how school is going great. I love my schedule. Choir is great. I am excited about what I am teaching, etc.

I could be talking about the ginormous spider that was right outside our door while we were coming in the other night. While Matthew was keeping his eyes on it while I opened the door with my key, the garage light went out. Claire wanted to keep it as a pet, but Matt flushed it.

I could have talked about the fact that I got a call tonight from my former choral director asking Matt and me to be in the Oxford Civic Chorus. I would love to sing that quality of music again!

I could have mentioned that the kids are loving school.

Anyway...I want to say that I miss our mommies. Hopefully, we will get to see them this weekend. It has been too long.

Happy Monday, everyone.

In Christ,

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Michele said...

Hi Laurie! Thanks for the sweet compliment on my blog. I used Picasa to make the collage header. It's very user-friendly. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful day!!

In Him,
Michele <><

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