Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?

My children, my children, my children......phew! I refer back to my earlier title of Calgon...take me away. I am in the throws of sibling life. Our sweet 4 people that live with us don't exactly feel the same way about each other as we feel about them or that, of course, God feels about them. How do I know this? It is painfully obvious at times. I know there must be some sort of feeling deep down, but it is a little tough to find. Jacob just burst in our front door saying that Claire should be thankful for what she gets. He was referring to her not wanting the tennis racket with what she thought was a "booger" on it. This is just one example...there are many others. I love 'em. I do think that one day they will really appreciate each other.

This week feels like it should be over already. Last night was Open House at my elementary school. The first graders sang one song with a CD and Matt played guitar for them to sing another song. They were a bit nervous during the first song. I was so glad that they had a second one to really sing out. They did great!

Tomorrow night we are listening to our Christmas musical in choir. We are bringing goodies and apple cider to get us in the Christmas spirit. We are doing One of Us. It is a great musical. Can't wait for everyone to hear it. Choir has been really full lately. It seems like God is blessing this group. There are so many good singers, but most of all, just people who want to worship. It is a blessing to go on Wednesday nights.

Some neat God things have been happening. One I think I will mention is that our neighbor across the street brought us a huge box of clothes that their son had grown out of. They were great and most of them fit. In the box was a nice size 10 suit. I wasn't sure when we would use it. Only one of our guys would have one unless we bought another, and we really don't wear clothes like that. Sadly, two of my kids at school lost their 35 year old dad this past week. There are many circumstances around this that made it sad even before he passed away. (custody battles, etc.) The little boy did not have a suit to wear to his dad's funeral. One of our teachers was getting this all together for them. The little girl was given some dresses by our principal that were her daughter's. I was so blessed to be able to drive the suit and some of the khakis, etc. up to Potts Camp on Saturday for him to wear. It is strange how God meets needs sometimes.

He always has a plan.

Hope you all have a blessed week!

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