Sunday, August 19, 2007

Coltrane ignores Roscoe

Coltrane ignores Roscoe
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This picture pretty much sums up the first meeting of Coltrane and Roscoe. I thought it was interesting that the dog next door to Matt's mom's house was named the name everyone seems to think our dog should be called. Ironically, we did not name Coltrane after Roscoe P. from the Dukes of Hazzard, but after John Coltrane. (We are musicians, after all. )

We thought he would be so happy to have a kindred spirit. A kindred breed. When I walked out on the patio, our dog was just sitting there almost waiting for approval to go visit. When I said to go, he just looked at me. He was so not impressed. Oh, well, we tried to find him a friend. He is a mama's boy.

We had a great time seeing moms. Spent the night with Mamaw, kids swam, Mamaw watched the kids while Matt and I both went to our choral director's meetings. That is another story...

Mom and I met to go to my favorite store....the Bargain Boutique. This is the Junior League of Jackson's thrift store. I love it! I always feel like I am treasure hunting. I found tons for $70.00. I agree with Dave Ramsey...even if we were rolling in the dough, I think I would still love finding bargains. Especially new ones with the tags still on. I also love that it goes to a good cause. Bonus.

Today's service at church was great! We are praying for revival at church and I really see God moving. I got to sing with two wonderful singers. It was a treat. We have such a great preacher. He just always seems to bring a message right from God's heart.

Anyway, hope your Sunday is great! Take care......

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