Friday, August 24, 2007

Look Great Feel Great

I have been really enjoying getting to watch Joyce Meyer while I am getting ready in the mornings. God is really using her so much to reach me and to nudge me to a new level. I have been convicted about how I have treated myself. For what I have put into my body, etc.
She talks about when you don't like yourself you are more likely to get sick. I am listening to her online now, and as I listen I have had a cold for several days.

I have been at the point lately where I haven't believed that it was possible for me to change. Listening to her has made me think that there may be hope...that I might not have to stay overweight. I can't even imagine myself as a smaller person. I am a little afraid to even try to change, but I really want to. It is so tough to change habits, though, but I am going to take it slowly. She is talking right now about having a balance. I really want her book.
Here is a link to her site.

Here is an amazing site of a person who lost over half of her weight and is still going. It is called Half of Me. It is not from the same viewpoint as Joyce Meyer, but it is still very interesting. She has some really neat pictures of her progress. I really admire her. Click on this picture to view her blog.

I have already been trying to retrain my thinking. Last year, when school would be stressful, I thought I was about to die if I didn't get some quick energy from chocolate and a diet coke, or some other snack. Now I have asked my principal to ask me when she sees me if I bought a candy bar or if I snacked between meals. I did have a couple of Triscuits today, but that is all. I am going to try to go even longer without food, knowing that, in fact, I will not die.

I think I have just been walking around in a big fog. I guess if life is stressful at all I just want to escape, and food is an escape. Now I am asking God to forgive me for that and to try to think a different way.

Enough of that. Hope these sites bless you.

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