Saturday, June 9, 2007

We finally finished Bleak House

OK, Bleak House was great, but it ended too quickly. I don't want to ruin it for you, but if you love Dickens, Victorian movies, etc., you have to see it.
Now what?

Matt surprised me with "The Prisoner". It is a 60's show from England about a spy who resigned but was sent to a "village" and couldn't escape. He was given a number and if they tried to escape a big white ball would chase them around and smother them. I was starting to like it, but I don't think my hubby was too thrilled. I hope he keeps them coming.

I have been doing some really interesting reading lately. I will share more later, but a friend from my school gave me a book about how we Christians sometimes open ourselves up to attack by the way we live. It goes into much, much more, but I am not quite done with it yet. It is a little over my head now. We'll see if I understand it more the more I read.

Well, Bible school is over. It was really good. The kids had a blast and learned so much. I don't know if I will volunteer for the 3 year old class, but they did grow on me. They are cute little guys. They feel things very deeply. They are either very happy or very sad. We have our commencement Sunday night. The kids (my kids) will miss it because they are going with Nana to get ready for Upward Basketball camp on Monday. Matt and I are going to miss them greatly!

Well, happy Saturday!

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