Saturday, June 23, 2007

Matt and Matthew playing guitar

Today has been great. Mamaw came up last night to see us. Today we went to see Surf's Up and then antique shopped, then came home and had some of my homemade chocolate cheesecake. I went to church to get the bags ready for tomorrow's fund raiser for the kids to go to camp, and then Matt and I went for a great walk around the square.

I have just seen all the peeps in their beds. They are all pumped about their new Bibles they got for bringing friends to VBS. They are all buried in their Bibles. I love it.

Now Matt and Matthew are playing guitar together. They sound so good. It is great to have something that you do with your teenager. I hope this will be something they will always have.

Anyway, God bless. Happy Saturday!

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