Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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This is the beautiful rainbow that came after the bad storm yesterday. It did feel like our world was being swept away. I was overwhelmed when our neighbors ran to our door to show us the rainbow.

I could just hear God giving us His promise about not flooding the Earth again. It was so real like it was the very first rainbow.

Unfortunatly, our doggie Coltrane did not know about God's promise. Here he is after he managed to get into a car door that was left open in our garage. He wouldn't come out until about 2 hours after the storm.

Happy Wednesday!


perfectpair4 said...

Hi! You left a message on my blog, so i decided to come say hi. I copied a lot of my stuff from my friends blog. She is on my link list. Just click on the mp3 player and it will take you to the website. Or click on the slideshows to go there. If you need any help let me know!We are here with fire restrictions in Phoenix, Arizona. It is so dry!And there you are getting storms. You are lucky!

Anonymous said...

Dear Laurie,
Thanks for visiting my blog! You have encouraged me this morning as I have listened to your husband and you sing. Thank you!
We have a black lab named Abbie who would be right next to Coltrane during the storm. :)
As soon as it begins thundering she is downstairs in Ben's room under his bed. She will not come out until the storm is well passed. So cute!
Have a wonderful day!
Julie D.

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