Sunday, June 17, 2007

Matt and the Ladies

Matt and the Ladies
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We had such a great time with family at Nathan and Mindy's wedding. We were so honored that they asked Matt and me to sing two songs. It was so special because their family is so special to us, and any way we could be a blessing to them is great for us.

It was a great time traveling with JoAnna, Mamaw, and Grandma. We were a big caravan from Mashulaville. We got there just in time to get to the hotel, get ready, and fly to the rehearsal. The musicians we were around were incredible. What a treat!

The wedding was beautiful. Nathan's father was also the pastor who performed the ceremony. After the wedding we got to spend time with the family at Shane and Angela's home. It was our first time to visit their new home. Now we know how to get back there.

We traveled for about 12 hours today from Lexington, SC to Oxford, MS. JoAnna was so sweet to put up with Matt and me for most of that time. I know she was glad that we had a book on CD to listen to. :) Matt and I sometimes pick at each other like small children. Does that give away our maturity levels? :) I hope not....maybe it just means that we are young at heart. Hmmmm?

It was so sweet to get to be back with my people. They were at different camps last week. They all went shopping with Nana and bought Matt their own Father's Day presents for him. Awwww....

Tomorrow I will pick up three of my choir girls and drive them down to Roosevelt State Park for choir camp. I will stay tomorrow night and will hopefully get to see Mamaw and Nana.

Fun, fun week.

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