Monday, June 4, 2007

I love the pool, but.....

Having the pool is great, but there are a few little things that come a long with it. OK, we had to have the talk about pool behavior. Don't dunk, push, pull hair, call each other stinky, etc. We also have irrational fears of wasps. Not sure where this has come from (maybe that episode in Holly Springs where Jacob was stung a few times). Anytime there is any type of flying insect Claire gets out of the pool and wants me to sit outside and warn them if I see it. Ironically, Jacob isn't scared of the wasps at all.

I still like it, though. It keeps them in the backyard. OK, we do have a trail of footprints from the water (even though they all have towels outside and we have a mat right inside the door). It feels like summer.

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