Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sick in the summer

It seems really strange to be under the weather when it is so pretty outside. Claire and I have gotten a little bug. Well, I shouldn't be shocked. Mine is....surprise....something having to do with sinus infections, and Claire's ( I am sad to say) is an ear-ache.

Now I am super sensitive about putting drops in their ears after they swim, but I wasn't diligent soon enough. Claire went to the doctor today and is on her way to getting right.

The kids left this afternoon to be with Nana. Basketball camp all week. We went out and had to buy three pair of tennis shoes. Ouch! With the kids wearing uniforms this last year, we had just about no need to get them tennis shoes. They mainly wore different types of brown shoes around the house. Now they are set for some basketball. I still love getting pink things. I don't know if I will ever get tired of pink tennis shoes, etc.

Having three boys first, it is different when you also get pink things. I am the baby of the family , and the only girl, so I relate to Claire very much.

Matt and I are going to have to just be by ourselves. :) Matthew is leaving at 4 in the morning. You think I am kidding, but something does happen when you put your life into your kids. We do need to make sure that we "date" each other. Maybe we will have time for a date this week in and amongst all of my total house make-over. I want to surprise the kids when they come home. I want to put up the curtains, paint Claire's furniture, get everything totally organized.

Not too much to ask...............

Now I just need to feel better. Matt got me the "Maltese Falcon" for us to watch tonight. Maybe we can watch it with Matthew before he leaves us and we have an empty nest. I need to discover who I am again...:) Just kidding.

Have a great week!!

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bryant boy said...

hey guys hows it going? i am coming up that way friday morning to drop the kids off at the grandparents. we are leaving saturday morning going on a mission trip to juarez mexico. let me know if we can meet for brunch. talk to yall later. the bryants

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