Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a week!

I know our year is by no means coming to a complete stop, but I feel like breathing a huge sigh of relief now that the debate has come and gone in Oxford. There has been a lot of excitement around here for a while. There were so many patriotic performances all around the city. I saw Benjamin's performance earlier this week and then Matthew's band and the Oxford band played together outside on the square Thursday afternoon. It was great. I tried to get into all of the politicians' speeches, but I don't have a lot of faith in them too much nowadays. They all say good things, but I am not one to put my faith in what men and women can do. Have I become cynical? I will be nicely surprised if we do get leaders who really have a clue, but anyway...I won't get all into that now. We are so blessed as a country and I pray that we will wake up and see where those blessings come from. We can't keep spitting in God's face and expect for Him to just keep enduring it. He could and can do anything He wants to do about us, but I am so burdened for our country when I see so much depravity and people just wandering around blindly.
Thank goodness for His mercy.

OK....I got off track just a little.

Last night we thought the traffic was going to be crazy in town because of the debate. There were two big screens in the grove for people to watch the debate, and I think the whole town must have been there. Matt and I went to see Fireproof and saw some of the debate after it was over. I thought the movie would sell out because it was opening night so I bought our tickets online the night before. There were about 12 people in the entire theater.

Oxford was a ghost town even though in one little corner of it we had Katie Couric, Obama, McCain, and who knows who else. It was a pretty strange feeling to be driving the same way home from the movies that we always drive and to know that about a block over were the two men who are running for president. Kind of like the Twilight Zone. Weird.

Today was like a marathon. The kids had fun day at Avent park, mom and I went and bought a birthday present for Claire's friend, we dropped Matthew off to go on a bus to a competition with his band, Claire went to her party, Matt lead the choir for a funeral of one of their former students (so very sad), I got Claire and then went to the Clay Canvas for Amber's birthday, I painted a plate of our kids, we came home and then Nana, Claire and I went to Kroger to get a movie and shopped hungry so we bought really nutritious food like White Castle burgers, potato skins, and cream cheese stuffed the movie is over and we are waiting to get Matthew from their trip. I am looking forward to a boring Sunday, maybe.

Well, God bless you. Have a wonderful week!

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