Monday, October 6, 2008

Did I say that we have a family circus?

Wow, having 4 kids is never boring. We are in the midst of teenage years and two guys who are pretty calm (for now) and then a 7 year old girl who is going on 40. I am getting used to just expecting anything. I think God wants me to totally depend on Him and to not have any pride.

All the ideas I had when I was young about what my family would be like have kind of gone out the window. It is so like that movie Parenthood. I laughed when the nutty grandma talked about the "roller coaster", but now I am totally there. It makes you a little numb. I have to keep going back to my corner to get strength from God and for Him to say "OK, go in for another round. You can do it."

My daughter and I don't always understand each other. I feel like I have to surf her emotions and pray that I land safely on land. I just need to say one thing.....Mom, I am sorry for all the grief I gave you growing up. I love being with my daughter. She is one of my greatest joys on this Earth. The same goes for my other kids. The middle guys are patient most of the time while we deal with the oldest and youngest. Just a minute ago I watched some of Pirates of the Caribbean with Benjamin and Jacob (like I had promised I would). Well, this caused a slight melt-down from the other side of the house. You would think that one would want to be wanted so much and feel "popular". I just want peace and happiness. I am going to chalk it up to her being really tired. That's it.

Now it is bed-time and time to get rested up for round two tomorrow. Kidding. What would I do without them? I am so grateful they are in my life.

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