Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mamaw, Mamaw, Mamaw

(These pictures are totally unrelated....I just like them.)

Wow. It is interesting how things work sometimes. God's timing is so perfect. We have the best example of a servant in front of us.

Mamaw, Matt's mom, retired January 2nd. She got a little time to visit with her sister and then I asked her to come and take the boys to the dentist today. I asked her to come because she has always had to work while my mom was already retired and loved getting (I guess she loved....she looked happy anyway. Hmmm....) to come and be with the kids at different times when we needed her. Mamaw always had to work. She worked really hard for so many years.

This past week her sweet daddy fell and broke his hip and has been in the hospital. Her mom isn't really able to do everything for him and gets tired easily, so Mamaw packed up and has gone there. I know she was really thankful to be able to be off to be able to help them, but I know she is tired. So giving. Please pray for them and for her taking care of them.

All of our elementary kids loaded up and went to our high school to watch a junior varsity game. They were so pumped. This gave me a little break from the norm. Monday we have off for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s b-day and then Tuesday we are watching the inauguration. Wednesday we will get back to real school.

Anyway, now for a random thought. It is my house. What is up with that? This is Mississippi. It is supposed to be one of the two coldest days this year. Tomorrow is the other one.

Another random comment: I wish my Bsafe filter didn't mess up Facebook. I have had fun seeing people I haven't seen in forever and talking with them. I can only do this if I uninstall the filter. Argg! I am going to have to figure out something different.

A serious comment: Focus on the Family has been great the past few days (like it is all the time...). I am processing the shows earlier this week that were about "Never Say Diet". I am in denial about my weight right now. Not really, I mean, I am enjoying doing Wii Fit when I have time to get on it. the eating issue is not even on the radar right now. It is so tough being disciplined enough to do it. This is true in many areas of my life. Discipline is tough. I am more of a comfort person. I guess that also means spoiled. Does it count if you know that is true? Maybe. Anyway, I am working on it (with God's help...that is the only way.)

Hope the rest of your weeks are great.

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Mandye said...

I am SO sorry to hear about Ms. Judy's daddy. Please email me an address that I can send a card to: I KNOW she's enjoying all her 'Mamaw' time because she always talked non-stop about those kids. Ya'll enjoy her because we sure miss her here!!!

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