Sunday, January 25, 2009

The days of our life....s

OK...that was a reference to Waiting for Guffman. Did anyone recognize it? If you did, comment and whomever (are you impressed with my correct English grammar usage?) guesses it will be mailed a happy. (Hint: it happened when the mom was talking about her son being in a movie.) It is very obscure, so you will have to be very strange to get it.

Speaking of strange. This is such a strange time of year because so many things are coming up. This is like hibernation time. It is cold, so no fun in the yard, etc.

Several workshops and conferences are coming up in February, April and March, but not yet. My choir is getting ready for contest in Feb. and March. We are waiting on all of our W2's to finish our taxes. Weird time of year. I guess in a way it is good because we run so hard and so fast at the end of each year until Christmas and then it is time to coast a little. I need to enjoy the coasting. I am getting a little antsy, because I am really wanting to go on some mission trips, etc. soon. I want to be doing more. I don't want to say that I am bored, but I just feel like there is more yet to come. I miss singing with Matt like we have in the past, and we get to do that soon at a revival in March. I have read about others who are waiting for their adopted children to come home to them and now I guess I have waiting sympathy. Oh...not on that scale of importance, but I am also waiting for next Sunday for the Super Bowl.

God is so good. His mercies are new every morning, so I am going to start focusing on what new He has to show me today and everyday.

For now, though, it is Sunday afternoon and I am on my way to put on my new fuzzy pajama pants that I got for Christmas. They are incredible. The are like wearing a blanket. I am going to sleep. Sleep for maybe 2 hours. Crazy, I know.

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