Monday, November 17, 2008

His grace still amazes me

Today has been a peaceful day. I had prayed a lot about some situations at work that I was in knots over and didn't exactly know how they would work out. God just seems to orchestrate things in a way that is so much better than we deserve. It is overwhelming to think that He really does hold us in His hands.

Here is a picture of the plate I made at Clay Canvas. Not sure if I have shown this or not. This kind of shows what stage our kids are in now.
This week the second graders are putting on a Thanksgiving musical. I love the musical. It has such great music and the kids are so excited about it. I love Thanksgiving. My husband has been accused of being the grinch (by my children) because he doesn't want us to watch Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. I totally understand and am with him. We can't jip Thanksgiving.

We have about 8 pumpkins on our porch that came from the pumpkin patch and sat through October. I am wondering if I am woman enough to make pies out of them. I feel like a real woman when I cook things from scratch. I love all things pumpkin. Last year I was into pumpkin cheesecake making. I did use canned pumpkin then, though. :)
I can't wait until next week. Sunday after we eat a Thanksgiving meal together at church we are heading to Jackson. I bought Matt and me Third Day tickets and I am so excited to be going with some of our good friends. Yea!!
On a different note: Turkeys come in tomorrow. Wow. Just call me delivery lady. Hope I can get everything where it all needs to go.
Have a very blessed week.

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