Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We have ducts in our attic

Well, VBS was good last week. Now I feel like I am really out of school. It was a great, but tiring week. I could share with you the video of Matthew and Jontyler and the others doing the dance in their hula skirts, but I promised I wouldn't. They were pumped about it, but when it came down to getting in front of everyone all dressed up, I think they were a little embarrassed.

I enjoyed my 1st and 2nd grade class. They were sweethearts and listened to me some of the time during the week. :)

During Bible school Matt and Matthew started re-doing our duct work in our attic late at night. They cut out lots of extra ducting and tried to make our air work better. I am not bitter. Well, I am really trying to work on that, but we have tried to get our builder to fix this problem and he basically said "forget about it" (Rex on Napoleon Dynamite). We are taking the necessary steps to take care of this, but in the mean time Matt would like to figure out why it isn't working right and try to do something to make it better. They have been manly-men. The air in Matthew's room upstairs is rockin'. Please pray that they don't fall through any ceilings. (I am serious.)

Hope you all have a good week. We are heading to Jackson tomorrow morning for Mom's surgery then back on Thursday. Take care.

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