Thursday, June 26, 2008

My husband is awesome!

Well, we finally did it! We got home at 4:30 AM this morning, but we are done. The risers in my classroom only need to have the carpet attached, and since we ran out of double-sided tape, it will have to wait until I go back to school. We got everything together yesterday and started around 2:45 PM unloading the wood from the van. Around 10:30 PM we left my room to get some sustenance, but all the quick stops in Potts Camp were closed. This made us very determined to finish last night.

Matt's back held out thanks to his white exercise ball the chiropractor told him to lie back on. He was so great. I know his back was about to totally give out, but he kept going. He also got a huge bruise on his arm from the time he was pinched while we were moving the risers. (They got a little heavy.) My only injury was from the wood that fell on my pinky toe. Other than that we were great.

The kids are still with Mom, so we could stay until we finished. Finally this morning we headed home by way of Holly Springs where we were looking for some food. There was no hot food anywhere to be found. (We missed supper building the risers.) We loaded up on Reese's, Chex Mix, and Godiva coffee. Mmmmm. Then we headed home.

Our drive home that early in the morning was a little scary. We saw 9 deer on the sides of the highway. Our reflexes were sharp.
Today was like "coma day". We are responsible adults now who know if our family was around and we had to take care of them we would never stay up till 4:30 AM. Neither of us could sleep past 10. This was one of the laziest days I have ever had. I have two more days to work on the house before the kids get home. I think we are up for it again now. Hope your weeks are going great. Here are some pics of the risers.

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