Thursday, June 19, 2008

hawaiian pigs, cracked pepper parmesan bread, and stitches

This has been another eventful week. Last week Mom's surgery went great. The boys and I had a great time with her in Jackson. We went to the Great Harvest Bread Factory and then to my all-time favorite store, the Bargain Boutique. Here is Benny eating all of our bread.

Here is the pig from VBS I was talking about. Lovely, isn't it? I was coveting the sunglasses, though.
This week has been full of working at home and relaxing, Benjamin building his own mini- golf course and making signs to advertise it.
Speaking of mini-golf....we had a little accident while the kids were playing mini-golf. You see, we don't quite have the correct golf clubs yet. I wasn't around (parent disclaimer) so the kids found whatever they could for clubs. Benjamin used a lightsaber and the others found a pole that went to a soccer goal. Around 4:45 last night, the pole hit Jacob on the eyebrow and left a very nice gash. The next thing I heard was "I'm sorry, Jacob." Jacob and I jumped in the car and rushed to Urgent Care. Dr. Dabbs was there and put in 6 stitches. Jacob was great, but a little nervous. Here is Dr. Dabbs giving him advice on not getting injured in the future. Injury Prevention Advice

He will get his stitches out the first day of Upward Basketball camp in Madison. Jacob, Benjamin and Claire get to stay with Nana and Mamaw all week. Our house is sure going to be quiet. :( Hopefully we can go to school and build those risers and paint my classroom. Get it over with.

This summer has been so relaxing. Not driving a lot eveyday is awesome. Matthew has been working hard with Matt outside building the French drain. Today he has gone with a friend of ours to work. This is his manly-man week. Earning money is a good thing and mostly learning to work.

Mom is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend with us and then take the kids back to Jackson. Can't wait.
Happy Thursday!

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