Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go Team Jones!

Here is our crew Friday morning around 6:30 AM all coming out to finish off the job Matthew and Matt started earlier in the week. Matt hurt his back while they were digging the trench behind the retaining wall and it was incredibly tough for him to finish. I am so proud of him. I am so proud of Matthew, too. He worked harder than he ever had before. I didn't really start helping until they asked me to come out and hold the light so they could work in the dark on Thursday night. Matt saw that it was probably going to start raining and might have washed out our retaining wall, so we got up early Friday morning to finish pouring in the gravel. The younger three worked really hard and then just about passed out. Thank goodness we were just about finished. We almost finished before Nana got to our house. I think I was about the dirtiest she had ever seen me. Summer project #2 almost finished. We are just waiting for the man to come and make a way for the water to flow under the sidewalk.

The kids leave tomorrow to go to Nana's for a week of Upward Basketball camp. Matthew is going, too. I know as a teenager he is ready for a break from his parents. I am really going to miss those guys. Hopefully we can stay focused and get all of our projects over with. My really good friend asked me today if we were going to record again. Maybe we can this week. We have been talking about what we would like to record. This has been one of my best summers. God is so good to us. We don't deserve Him or His blessings, but I am thankful just the same. Take care. Here is another look at Team Jones on Youtube.

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