Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Matt the builder

One of his plans

When I told my husband about my desire to build risers in my choir room I didn't know how dedicated he would be to the project. He downloaded an architecture program and got to work. He stayed up really late last night drawing out the plans so I could have them approved by my principal. The plans were gorgeous. I felt like I was living with Mike Brady the architect. How could my principal say no? Well.....she couldn't.
Now we need to go to Home Depot and ask them if they will donate the lumber and carpet to build them. I was told that they did.
I have to pick out the paint color I want the room to be so the school can go buy it. Then, I can paint later this summer. I am excited. First, I am going to take a little time to have a summer break.
In between riser planning he has been leveling the backyard to set up the pool for the kids. One side of the yard where the pool will be is about a foot higher than the other. He is just all over things. The only problem has been that while he has been busy, the mice have played. Jacob proceeded to eat an entire bag of cookies and who knows what else. I hope the pool will be a lap pool so we can work off all of those calories. Whew.

I am off to read with Claire. Tomorrow is the 2 hour Lost. Yea! We have been looking forward to this one. It is getting crazy. Even for Lost.

Take care.

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