Sunday, May 18, 2008

Benjamin's dream came true

This week has been unbelievable. Last Saturday was my birthday which I spent most of with my high school choir. This week we had state testing and then our spring concert/banquet was on Thursday night. There are always so many elements to putting on something like this. I had great help. The kids worked hard and pulled it off. I had some wonderful parents and fellow staff members come to my rescue with cooking and ticket taking.
I think everyone left with very good feelings. Not all students were able to come to the concert, so I have 3 final exams to give. I think a parent is bringing karaoke for class on Tuesday. Alright!
My mom came for the concert Thurs. night and was so much help. We went to see Prince Caspian Friday afternoon after going to Claire's school program. We had a good time Saturday getting ready for summer. Mom and I went to Home Depot and looked at outdoor tables, etc. Matt's and my anniversary is Tuesday, so I wanted to think of a great gift. It seems like for a few years we have been so busy that our anniversary got pushed together with our birthdays and Mother's Day and the end of school and ......
I hope he doesn't read my blog (I don't think he does.) because I am getting a baby-sitter and surprising him. If you have any good ideas for gifts, let me know.
Now to the title of my post. Later Saturday I took Benjamin to the Oxford Skate Park. He has been dying to go and I finally decided to take him. Another time when Matthew went, there were a lot of scary teenagers there and we weren't sure about our little guys going. I decided to check it out and it was fine that day. I think it depends on the day.
He had the time of his life. We need to get helmets before we go back, though.
Jacob wants me to take both of them tomorrow afternoon.
We are counting down to summer. I have kindergarten awards day and then all the other awards days the next few days. My exam is Friday morning and the kids are gone. Graduation is Saturday. The choir was going to sing, but I decided to take a break this year. All the faculty is going, though.
After Memorial Day I have a couple of days without students. Maybe I can get the risers in my room built then.
And then it is "summer time and the living is easy".

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