Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our week

This week seemed so short. Not sure why. Last night Matt and I helped out with the youth group's Overtime. The kids had a great time. Matthew and the band played for a while and we had a great testimony. It was from a guy that goes to our church. I had no idea what all God had done in his life.

Today was Claire's 7th birthday. Happy Birthday, Claire. Our good friends let us have her party at their farm. They led the kids around on their horses. It was great. The kids were really tired from the night before and got a little upset toward the end. This is another story all together. It is amazing how being tired affects children....and adults. All in all it was really good.

Ron and Matthew went to an Ole Miss game. Not really the best one to go to. Ole Miss lost big time. He did get to see the classiness of the Ole Miss fans, though. Sorry for the sarcasm. I think it is really sad to see that whole culture. Kind of warped in my opinion.

Anyway....there is so much more to say, but it is late.

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