Saturday, October 27, 2007

Easy Like Saturday Night

Well, here we are again. It is Saturday night. Just had a good time talking to my 15 year old after all had had showers, read stories and were tucked in bed. Now Matt is playing the song that Shannon, he and I are going to sing tomorrow. It is a great song by Billy and Cindy Foote.
"You Are God Alone (not a god). It is such a privilege to sing with Shannon. She has such a beautiful voice and such a sweet heart. Her husband needs your prayers. He was told that he needed his gallbladder removed, went through with the surgery, still had the same pain, had kidney stones, then after going for tests, was told that there is something on his liver. He finds out Monday, I think, what it is. Can you imagine?

This week has been good. God is really showing me things. How I can trust Him and know that He is there all the time as I work out my salvation with fear and trembling. There are many things that I can't talk about on the Internet that show how He good He is. Working out work related issues, personal issues. He has shown me more and more that it is not about anything I could do for Him. He blesses me because He is just that good.

Monday we had a massive OCC rehearsal. Then after over two hours of that, I tried out for the solos on "Deep River" and "Shenandoah". Just for fun. There were some very awesome singers who tried out as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if they get it. It was fun to try out, though. Then, Matt's choir had their Fall concert Tuesday. The kids did so great. Kim's choir (the high school choir) was great. They always are. I am so amazed at how much music she teaches and that they master. Wow! Matt is trying to produce a CD of all of their music. I am not sure our computer will make it, though. When we upgrade....someday.....should we get a Mac or a PC? What do you think? My technology desires are huge right now. I need to put the reigns on them. Well, I guess our bank account will do a good job of keeping us in check. Maybe.......

Anyways, I am having a good time learning more about choral directing. My choir kids have started staying after school and working on songs, trying out for sextet, etc. They are getting more and more excited about what we are doing.

I am forgetting so much that has gone on this week. Jacob did a big Social Studies project that was great. He made a big Kroger. It was fun to help him with that. Mom and Ron were with us for Claire's party. May have mentioned that in the last blog...I can't remember.

As Happy Slip would say...."Anyways...."

Now we are trying to get ready for Matthew's 16th birthday. What should we do? He had big ideas. I would love to surprise him.

Oh, turkey fund raiser ends this week. One of my kids has been like super salesman. He seriously needs to go into sales when he graduates. Need some turkey and you live in Oxford, or somewhere close? Call us. Email us. They are yum.

Yesterday I discovered that we had been "BOOED". Someone had put a pumpkin full of candy with two letters in it. One had the word "BOO" on it with a little ghost, and the other told us that a neighborhood friend had booed us and now we were supposed to pass on the good cheer by booing three more people and to put the little ghost in our window so we wouldn't be booed again. Matt said it was a little like a chain letter. He would. :) He was also the one who went to Kroger and bought the pumpkins and candy. :) We couldn't be antisocial, could we? No. It was fun. I think I may start the gobbling next month. Gobble, gobble. Anyways....

Tomorrow is Sunday. Have a great day of worship. I feel sorry for those who think Sunday is just for going golfing, mowing their grass, washing their car, or skiing (not in this weather, but you know what I mean). Worshiping our Savior and friend meets a need deep down that can't be described. A long time ago, I was a person who kind of dreaded Sundays and wished I could have stayed home to do what I wanted to do. Now, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Was that preachy? Not meaning to be. That is just how it is for me. Try never know :)

Take care.

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