Monday, October 8, 2007

Illustration Friday - Open

Illustration Friday - Open
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This was emailed to me through Flickr this morning. I just love this person's work. I know she has a website you should check out. I will try to find it.

Anyway, I am at home this morning. My family is rushing out the door to school. Today is Fall Break for me, and next week will be for them.
I will miss them next week, but today is sweet.

I am going to not make my expectations too big for today. I am going to try to choose things that I can realistically get done. I read about making your room a room of peace and not of storage, etc. That may be one goal today. Sweeping out the garage, getting it ready to stain the concrete like my friend Angie's. (She has the best ideas). Possibly conquering the clothes. Practice for Oxford Civic Chorus tonight. This may be all.

I will start pre-selling for our fund raiser this week. We officially start next Monday. We will sell for two weeks. If you are local or close enough to pick up, we would appreciate your support. This week I find out if our trip to Six Flags is approved. Please pray for us that if this is God's will that we could go. I think it would be so good for the kids.

We will be selling smoked turkeys, Cajun turkeys, and may other kinds of meats. Please check out this website to see what other things we will be selling. .

We bought a Cajun turkey last year for Thanksgiving and it was incredible. I am so glad we are selling them.

We had some missionaries from the Philippines come to our church last night. They were so on fire for God and inspired me so very much. They are going around America raising support for their mission there. It is so humbling when I think of what we have here in America. Our country is about as lost as theirs. It seems that we don't know how sick we are. We have more than one car. Homes that aren't made out of bamboo, enough food. More than enough food. (I will stop there. )

We have it made physically, but we are wasting away spiritually. We have no idea how much we need God in America. America has basically kicked God out and He is not going to push His way in. We have kicked Him out of our public schools. He is giving us what we want as a country. We were so blessed by God from the beginning and look around and see where we are going. I can't even believe what I hear on the news. It all makes me so sick to my stomach. My heart breaks for our country.

God is in control, though. I guess all we can do is grow closer to Him, to try to love and reach as many here as we can, as well as stay strong in our faith. Listening to messages like this help me do that: Creflo Dollar on the Childhood Stage.

I couldn't believe it when I was told that many in the Philippines go through what Jesus went through (even to the point of being crucified) to be more like Him and to hopefully to be with Him in heaven. If they only knew that His eternal life is a gift, already bought by His son Jesus. All we have to do is accept it.

Am I living for Him?

Have a great week!!

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