Friday, October 12, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

Friday nights are so great! Nowhere to go tonight. The bubbles are calling me.

Our fund raiser actually starts Monday, but the kids took home their order forms today. I hope they will go after it. We are trying to go to Six Flags next April. This is my first big fund raiser like this one. So far everyone has acted interested in what we are selling. Food. :) Turkey, ham, bacon, pecan pie....all good southern food. Mmmmmmmm..............

This has been a really strange week. I was off Monday, had staff development on Tuesday and then classes for three days. Today Matt had staff development and the kids went with him. He tried to sweeten the deal by renting some good movies and taking lots of popcorn. He said his staff development was great. I will have to find out the guy's name to send to our district guy. I know our district teachers would love to hear him.

Monday Matt and the kids are off. Sunday Mamaw and Grandma are coming to see us. It will be the first time Grandma comes to our house. know what we'll be doing tomorrow. Oh yeah. Grandma is so precious. It will be so good to see her. Matt and the kids will be able to hang out with them on Monday.

The Christmas musical that I toiled over picking has turned out to be really cute. "How the Penguins Saved Christmas" is the name of it. The kids are going to look so cute as penguins. Here is a link to another school that performed the musical. How the Penguins Saved Christmas

I think I have gotten OK with something. I was torn up because I wanted to go to Sunday School for my own age and wanted to find someone to teach my preschool Sunday school class. My good friend Martha actually came up and offered to teach it. I had prayed about this, but when it happened and right when the kids had started really warming up to me as their teacher, I had second thoughts. I am thankful now for it. I feel like I have gotten a tangible answer to my prayers.

OK, I have for the bubbles. :)


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