Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winding Down

It is glorious. It is lovely. It is precious. It is beautiful.
It is the end of school.
I basically have no more days with students. I will see some of them around school, but my time of preparing lessons for them is over for this school year. My last program was last night. The 3rd graders did a patriotic program and then got their awards. A lot of work to be over in 30 minutes. I guess it is times like those that will hopefully stick with them. I tried so hard to make in impact with the kids. There are some whose futures are going to be tough unless their paths are changed. Even at 3rd grade. It is great to see the little boy that is constantly in trouble in his classes get up and speak in front of an auditorium of people. Maybe that will make a difference. it's over. Paperwork, packing up, cleaning rooms, saying goodbye to other teachers is all that is left.
What to do this summer? Well, a lot of it is planned out for us already. I am looking forward to the different trips. Taking Matthew to Camp Electric is going to be cool. Well, off to bed. Take care, everybody.

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